Website Design Trends That Are Gaining Popularity In 2019

In the last few years, website design as a process has changed quite a lot. The constant changes of digital marketing especially the evolving nature of Search Engine Optimization have contributed to this change. To make the most of the available opportunities, you need to have a clear idea of the subject and also hire the most suitable provider offering the website design in Jackson MS service. Along with choosing a company to help your cause, it will be better to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest trends as well.

The trends you need to know about are:

Lack of Uniformity

Previously, there used to be a uniformity is the placement of elements on a website. Almost every website had the logo, title, and content on the left-hand side. Under the new trend, the placement of these elements is not following any uniform structure at all.

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An asymmetrical design is allowing these items and elements to be placed and moved around on the plane. The grid is not smooth anymore rather it is broken and that is jolting the visitors and stimulating the brain to think. The impact is quite impressive and more and more businesses are opting for this trend.

No Boxes

Flat design is not being used anymore. Designers are more inclined to choose shapes that are reflecting nature these days. Geometrical shapes like circles, rectangles, squares and such are not being used. The new trend is about using organic shapes. Such shapes are being hailed as more friendly to people and in tune with human emotions. They are also making a website look and feel alive. By using the things that are around in the nature an element of intrigue is being added to the website making it more impressive to the target audience.

Looking Back To The Past

Nostalgia has always been an important part of life. Everyone tends to look back and reminisce about the time that has already passed. Art is an important aspect which keeps on getting influenced by nostalgic elements. In 2019 such a trend is being noticed and used by designers where old design elements are being introduced to a new website. Factors like color schemes, typography, and such are some of the items which are having these nostalgic flares. The effect is making people think about a different generation and that itself is making things intriguing.

Placement Of Pictures

The way in which pictures are being displayed on the website is changing as well. Website designers are using various methods to introduce something new and impressive into the concoction. For instance, putting pictures in circles, making them black and white, adding drop shadows behind them and such are being used for drawing the attention of the visitors. The designers are not stopping there though. A number of other ways are being explored for displaying pictures. In most of the websites, a large primary photo is used and that expands throughout the website. The ways of presenting this primary photo are being changed. Tricks like using different layers on the pictures, resizing them, and such are being used.

Single Color Site

A lot of designers are now experimenting with the color pallet to be used. Instead of using multiple colors, they are now more inclined to use a single color in different shades or use no color at all. Just reading about the fact may seem a little harrowing but the effect is brilliant, unique, impressive and intriguing enough for the websites and the target audience.

By keeping these changes in website designing trends in mind, you will be able to make sure that the one you have is making the most of the available opportunities. Franklin Media House will be able to help with that.

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